About Indiyum

About Indiyum

Never dull, completely new and always fresh!

Indiyum CurryINDIYUM is fair dinkum Indian with a warm welcome. Indiyum is a place about taste. Your taste. Aussie pace. Unhurried. Relaxed. Airy. When you come to Indiyum you are greeted by an experience that promises to be totally unique. Indiyum is where Aussie and Indian cuisines meet.

The menu combines aromas of freshly cooked traditional North Indian delicacies along with Aussie flavours to create a totally unique and rule-breaking taste sensation! Indiyum is a concept style bar-meets-restaurant which specialises in one thing; breaking the mould…

Excite. Enliven. Stimulate.
Indiyum offers a rare experience like no other!


Food needs to be enticing and exciting. At Indiyum, boring is not an option. “Know the rules. Understand the rules. Break the rules!” Having forged its own lane as one of the Sunshine Coast’s very best Indian restaurants, Indiyum is a trendy, upbeat, and offers a welcoming respite from the day’s stresses with a fun and exuberant atmosphere.

When you dine at Indiyum, you will be treated to great food, fabulous service and the opportunity to experience something new. Never dull, completely new and always fresh! That’s the Indiyum promise.

We are determined that Indiyum will become the one of the most admired, loved and trusted modern Indian restaurants in Australia. We want the mantra “Fair Dinkum Indian” to become synonymous with blending Aussie and Indian culture. We have created a new and evolving palate that delivers on its promise of being enticing and exciting; we want you, our dear customers to be surprised by our breaking away from what you know of traditional Indian cuisine and walk (or roll) away from your Indiyum experience saying “Wow!”

At Indiyum our number one mission is to exude quality, professionalism and above all, fun! When you visit Indiyum our goal is to ensure you are treated to the very best food featuring the finest and freshest ingredients, service that is second-to-none in an environment that is relaxing and enjoyable, plus an opportunity to experience something totally new and downright unconventional.

How do we keep our promise? Above all, hand to heart, we pledge to:

  1. Bring people together by connecting cultures and celebrating difference.
  2. Promote a happy work environment and value our staff… the Indiyum family.
  3. Family first! Nurture relationships before profits. Always!
  4. Respect all customers and serve with humility. (Remember our manners.)
  5. Surround the business with greatness by building partnerships with the community.

Though we pride ourselves on bending the rules at Indiyum, it doesn’t mean we hold any disregard to respect or values. In fact, quite the opposite! Our five core values are the very foundation on which Indiyum was built and on which Indiyum will continue to thrive for years to come.

Here they are!

  1. Be genuine and humble. Live in the moment.
  2. Be considerate and listen. Respect all, at all times.
  3. Love to be challenged. Learn to excel.
  4. Adapt to change. Change is our friend.
  5. Be bold. Be different. Be the brand.



Funky Indian with a Mexican Twist

IndiMex Logo

Did you hear the news?! Indiyum has a half-Mexican sister!

Early 2014 we witnessed the birth of Indiyum’s twin half-Mexican sister and it has all of Brisbane talking. Located in Greenslopes (Stones Corner), just south of the city, the menu combines the traditional North Indian cuisine we’ve come to love at Indiyum with your favourite Mexican dishes to create a totally unique and rule-breaking taste sensation – funky Indian with a Mexican twist! Find out more

About Chef GJ Singh

About Chef GJ Singh

Chef GJ SinghChef Gurinderjit Singh

When it comes to the heart and soul of Indiyum, there is one man to thank for it all… chef, restaurateur and king of curries himself, Gurinderjit Singh, or ‘GJ’ to his friends and that’s pretty much everybody! While talented and creative are words often used to describe GJ, it is his passion for cooking and dedication towards his craft that keeps him pushing the envelope in the culinary world.

During 1989 GJ was awarded his chef license from Hattori Eiyo Senmon Gakko in Japan – one of the oldest and most reputable culinary colleges in Japan. Since then, GJ has received many accolades, including having worked as a chef for one of the best restaurants in Japan and having his recipes published in fashion and lifestyle magazines – just to name a few.

But GJ is not one to brag. In fact, quite the opposite… taking it all in his stride GJ is genuine and humble, a completely down to earth bloke. You soon realise that, for him, it’s not about his achievements, but instead it’s about a pure love for his craft. Often saying that he feels blessed to have the opportunity to spend every day elbow-deep in the kitchen and doing what he loves so much.

After spending many years in the kitchen, you have to wonder from where he manages to pull the inspiration for his next dish. GJ insists it all boils down to his love of food. He feels he is most at home when cooking up a storm. As for what keeps him going…

“I love seeing the smiles on peoples’ faces after they’ve just eaten one of my meals. That alone is the best reward in the world,” explains GJ. “I’m just driven by the endless opportunities that cooking brings to the table. They say true creativity is only limited by one’s imagination. Well my imagination is wild and the ideas can’t be put to rest. Whenever I think my creative juices have dried up I go to sleep and another idea (for a recipe or menu) pops into my head. I think it will be like this until the day I die. It’s just the way I function. My brain never sleeps.”

Being of Indian heritage, Indian cooking comes naturally to GJ. With a lifetime of experience spanning a range of cuisines he didn’t want to create just any old Indian reataurant! His vision was simple! He wanted to take people on a journey by creating food and an experience that was unlike any other they’d ever had before. Thus, Indiyum was born!

The Indiyum Promise

The Indiyum Promise

Our promise to you


We always ensure our food is prepared freshly using only the finest quality ingredients sourced from reputable suppliers.


We hold knowledge and industry expertise in the highest regard, and undergo ongoing training at every opportunity to assist our team to grow and develop.


We place the utmost importance on providing top service. As such we take a lot of pride in carefully selecting the right wait staff to ensure they bring something special to each and every Indiyum experience.


Last but certainly not least, we don’t take shortcuts! This approach is critical for us to deliver our commitment of quality. Taking the easy way out is simply not an option at Indiyum. To deliver premium quality service, cleanliness and cuisine means taking whatever route necessary to deliver the goods – no shortcuts.

We seek to maintain a high standard at all times. Should any item fail to give complete satisfaction, please inform management.

Indiyum Ingredients

Indiyum Ingredients

The Indiyum Mool Mantra is simple:
“Always produce the best quality of food”


The Secret IngredientThe Secret Ingredient (Ssh, don’t tell!)

Want to know the secret ingredient used in all the dishes here at Indiyum? Love! That’s right. All mushy, warm and fuzzy, nervous butterflies… love! Chef GJ pours so much love and passion into his cooking that he won’t settle for second best. Ever! There are no compromises when it comes to his food and he insists on only using the best ingredients. Here are just some of the top notch ingredients we embrace:


To ensure the chicken melts in your mouth, we marinate it overnight in our secret smoky tandoori marinade (and no, that is one secret ingredient we won’t be sharing), then roast it in our tandoori oven to absolute perfection. (Used in our Butter Chicken, Mango Chicken and Chicken Korma.)

Makhani BaseMakhani Base

How do you make the best makhani sauce in town? Here’s how… you use the finest tomato paste, thickened cream, butter, fresh ginger and garlic paste with sweet paprika and dry fenugreek, all simmered to the right consistency and taste and… ta-da! (It sounds amazing because it is amazing.)

Saag BaseSaag Base

Our famous saag base is a fabulous combination of spinach cooked in ghee with nothing but the freshest herbs and spices. It is truly saagtastic!


When it comes to all of our lamb dishes only the choicest leg will do! But it doesn’t stop there; Chef GJ then takes it upon himself to dice each and every cut – just another example of his passion and commitment towards delivering the highest quality food.


It’s all about choices, and when it comes to choosing our steak at Indiyum we always make the right one. How, you ask? Easy! We simply take 30-day grain-fed Black Angus beef and then make the choicest cuts of sirloin steak. We simply can’t go wrong.

Home Ground SpicesHome Ground Spices

The term ‘daily grind’ takes on a completely new meaning at Indiyum, thanks to Chef GJ who grinds his own spices every week. As always, GJ takes pride in carefully selecting and using various blends and spices including cumin, coriander, turmeric, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, star anise, fennel, black pepper, cayenne pepper, paprika – which are amongst the most commonly used.